How old do you have to be to book strippers?

Must be 18yrs.+ to book and all guests must be over 18.

What kind of services do you provide?

We specialize in male and female entertainers for bachelorette/bachelor, birthdays, ski trips, girls/guys night out, divorce party, office party strip-o-grams, graduation, couples spice up, fantasy football, etc. Or any occasions.

What are your rates?

Call for quotes: 720.876.1000

Pricing for Denver metro area:

  • 1 dancer for 30-60 min $180,
  • 2 dancers $330.
  • 3 dancers OR 2 dancers for 2 hours $475

Pricing for Summit County mountain parties within a 2 hour range:

  • 1 dancer 30-60 min $250,
  • 2 dancers $450
  • 3 dancers OR 2 dancers for 2 hours $650
Are your dancers gay friendly?

We welcome parties for any occasion and any gender or situation. Our home club welcomes everyone with something for everyone. Fri/Sat 9pm-4am, 18+ to party 21+ to drink.

What is the range that your dancers will travel?

ANYWHERE within a 4-hour drive time from Denver. (Mileage fee will apply if outside Denver metro area.)

Where can we have the entertainers?

Our entertainers can travel to;

    1. Home
    2. Hotel
    3. AirBNB
    4. Party Bus
    5. Businesses (Must have management approval)
    6. Bar, ETC. (Must have management approval)
      • Any public area must have approval from management
      • Dancers must remain covered in public areas stripping down to bikini or briefs. Unless a private room is arranged out of public view.
Is there a location we can visit to meet Bareassets Entertainers?
  • YES for MALE DANCERS; There is a location you can travel to too visit the male entertainers. Male entertainers are based out of:
    PT’s Show Club
    1601 W. Evans, Denver CO. 80223
    (Every Friday and Saturday from 9:00pm – 4:00am)
  • NO for Females; for outcall party scenarios only. 
Who will be helping us coordinate our event?

The OWNER of the company Bareassets handles personally booking each event. Very important to him you have an amazing experience and get perfect entertainer fit for your occasion.

Are the entertainers booked the actual entertainers showing up?

Yes, we pride ourselves as the only agency online to provide ACTUAL PHOTOS OF DANCERS and deliver the exact individuals you picked. NO bait n switch here. The person you book will be the person who shows up. Locally owned we know our dancers personally and trained by professionals.

How do we book?

Pease call. We are locally owned and believe great customer service can only be achieved by personally answering all questions at the time of booking. Please call our party planners with BAREASSETS at 720-876-1000

How do I pay for services?

We are locally owned and don’t require a credit card deposit like the fake online companies looking angle a deposit out of the customer. Payment of CASH to the dancer upon arrival insures you are getting the dancers you ordered. However, if need be the company also excepts credit cards and Venmo payments.

What forms of payment does company except?

Company excepts CASH, credit cards, and mobile payment.

What information does one need in order to book?

SUPER EASY Process- The company just needs to know the occasion, date, time, location/address, payment type, and the entertainer/entertainers picked.

What best time to have entertainment?

7:00pm- 10:00pm You can have your entertainment at ANYTIME appropriate for the conditions. Prime times are usually set to start out the night off after a few drinks. We try not to book anything after midnight due to safety of our dancers however can make exceptions.

What are your office hours?

Office hours are from 9am-12am; however you can call anytime, if we don’t answer please leave your name, number, and brief message about your party and one of our party planners will call you back ASAP.

Upon booking will I get confirmation call?
  • Yes; you will get confirmation call.
  • Once booked you are all set; your more than welcome to contact company with any questions during office hours. The dancers will call a few days before to go over details, costumes and find out a little bit about the person of honor.
Will the entertainer show up in costume for the Event?

Yes, typical costumes are standard, we can accommodate special requests depending on your budget and difficulty to acquire the costume, please call for more information. Dancers will need a place to change as most costumes aren’t appropriate to wear in public.

Do you get to pick costume?
  • Yes; you can pick costume, Our entertainer/entertainers all have a verity of costumes to choose from. Most popular for male entertainers is fireman, cop, cowboy, and magic mike. Female entertainer/ entertainers most popular school girl, cop, cowgirl and sexy lingerie.
  • However; Easiest way to pick costume is to ask the entertainer/ entertainers that you booked what kind of costumes they have when they call to confirm due to each entertainer/ entertainers have their own list of costumes that some other entertainer/ entertainers may or may not have.
  • Also if your event is having a theme and your wanting the entertainer/ entertainers in a certain theme outfit your more then welcome to buy/provide that certain theme costume and our entertainer/ entertainers will be more then happy to wear for event. Example; we have had bachelor party want Star Wars theme for bachelor, so the party provided  princess Layla and Dart Vader for two girl entertainers to wear.
What time will the entertainment arrive at the event?

The entertainer/ entertainers will arrive the time you booked the party for. Entertainer/entertainers will be in contact with you the day of event; so if they happen to run into situation of not arriving on time such as blizzard they will inform you. 99 percent of the time entertainer/entertainers arrive on time if not little earlier then the timed book for.

What does the costumer need to provide for upon entertainer’s arrival?
  • Company fee upon arrival.
  • Make sure to let all partygoers know to bring tipping money (Dollar bills) for entertainer/ entertainers, this will insure participation in party games, and let the dancer know who wants more attenition.
  • Clear area for entertainer/entertainers to perform.
  • Make sure to have alcohol and shots flowing to your guests so everyone is ready to have a great time. Also helps the nervous individual/individuals lighten up.
  • If you have music/ sound system get the music popping, helps get atmosphere/ guest ready for party. If you do not have music don’t panic most of our entertainer/entertainers travel with speakers to hook up music or their play list too.
Can we request the entertainers?
  • Yes you can request the entertainer/ entertainers.
  • Go to our website to check out our female and male entertainers. (We are always hiring new individual so sometimes not all of our entertainers have pictures on website, especially the female entertainers, due to some of them have other jobs to which they cant have photo posted on website, so make sure to ask company.)
  • Company will also send photos of entertainer/entertainers via text when booking, so costumer will have all recent photos/entertainers sent to them in order to choose which entertainer/ entertainers to book. We are the only company to guarantees actual photos of entertainers.
Do entertainers only except cash?

CASH is king for tipping, however most of our entertainer/entertainers also except credit cards and mobile payment, such as Venmo, cash app, etc. Make sure to double check with the entertainer/ entertainers booked which one he or she may have if your wanting to use another form of payment for tipping other then cash.

How long do entertainers stay?

Entertainer/entertainers are booked for usually for 60 minutes. However if party is tipping entertainer/entertainers they tend to stay longer. Exception to this would be Strip-o-grams / telegram, birthday / office party. Company does have a 2hr booking time slot for bigger groups, call for more information.

Can we extend time if having fun?

Yes, you can extend the time with entertainer/entertainers on a tipping basis, the company doesn’t charge for more time if the party goes longer than booked.

Are we allowed to take pictures of entertainer /entertainers?

You can ask permission from the entertainer/entertainers if you can take pictures. Some may allow it and others may not. If entertainer/entertainers allow photos please feel free to tag us on instagram: @bareassets_denverstrippers or facebook: @BareAssetsEntertainment

If we are having entertainer/entertainers on party bus where do we pick entertainment up at?

If you are having entertainer/ entertainers on a party bus we have a few pick up location easily assessable for buses and safe for dancers to park. With options for FREE entrance to club after the dancer.

  • Option 1:     Diamond Cabaret 1222 Glenarm PL. Denver, CO. 80204
  • Option 2:     PT’s Showclub 1601 W. Evans ave. Denver, Co. 80223
  • Option 3:     ShotGun Willie’s 490 S. Colorado Blvd. Glendale, CO. 80246

The above are our 3 primary location for pick up, however we can make adjustments accordingly.

Do you offer more than just stripper/ dancer Entertainment services?

Yes we offer a verity of services.

    1. Fantasy football girls
    2. Golf caddies
    3. Beer pong girls
    4. Couples Spice Up date night with a stripper
    5. Sexy males in cuff and collars shirtless
    6. Breakfast (Legg’s and eggs)
    7. Free entrance to top strip clubs in colorado
      • If You imagine it and have budget for it we can put it together, with sexy male or females.
    8. ETC.
Do you offer event-planning counseling?
  • Yes, we have 25 years’ experience and if we don’t have the answer, we can point you in right direction.
  • Free Access to all top strip club in Denver. Diamond Cabaret, PT’s Show Club, Shot guns Willies,
    • FREE Entrance for you and all guests. Exclusion apply: Must be there before midnight. Also can get a $50 discount off any bottle.
  • Need party bus/limousine check out tell them bareassets referred you will get preferred pricing.
  • Send info of popular places to go to for food, drinks, environment of which your event is being held.
    1. Denver
    2. Breckenridge
    3. Vail
    4. Colorado Springs
What sets you apart from other companies?
  1. We’re the only company that guarantees actual photos of dancers and delivers.
  2. We interview, vet and train our dancers, never use Craig’s list to find random people to show up to your private home. BareAssets is the name you can trust.
  3. Our prices are posted. NO shady overcharging, companies like Hardbodies will adjust pricing according to how much money you’re willing to spend, like a car dealership. Hardbodies is also famous for using photos from the 90’s and sending random dancers or cancel when it’s to late to make other arrangements.
  4. We are the original creators of stripping in Denver creating the format and process we use today.
  5. We created and launched the World Tour with Chippendales in 2002 the same time opening the Las Vegas show at the Rio.
  6. We oversee the ONLY MALE REVIEW in Colorado and are the #1 Bachelorette party destination @ PT’s Showclub.
  7. Our bachelor party strippers dance fully nude and perform girl on girl fantasy toy shows, what you don’t see in a strip club.
  8. We’re the only company with a Legs and Eggs bachelor party brunch option where girls will cook breakfast topless.