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Desire: 19 Sexy Ways to Striptease for Your Man

Introducing a striptease into your relationship can spark a new level of intimacy and excitement between partners. This tantalizing form of expression is not just about the act of undressing but the art of revealing, creating an atmosphere charged with anticipation and desire. It’s an opportunity to explore new facets of your connection, communicate desires non-verbally, and add a playful, seductive element to your interactions. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a first-timer, the key is confidence and enjoying the moment. Here are some tips to get you started.

Adding a Striptease can spice up that romance!

1) Slip Into A Sexy Fantasy Costume

When selecting your striptease outfit, dress in layers so you’ll have more to peel off. And make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you have on. Of course stilettos and knee-high boots are wicked foxy, and if you feel confident in them, great. But being in bare feet and one of his button-downs (you can slowly undo those buttons…) is just as alluring.

2) Set The Stage For Your Striptease

Dim the lights or toss a sheer scarf over your lamps. Arrange a chair for him to sit on where you’ll also have space to strip a few feet away (you want to be back far enough that he can see all of you, and you’re just out of his reach). To initiate things, either tell him, “I’ve got a little something for you,” or simply lead him to the room and push him down on chair.

3) Hit Play & Start To Strip Your Way

Pick a song that has a strong beat but isn’t too fast, and makes you feel vixen-ish. A few good bets: “S&M” by Rihanna, “Dirty Laundry” by Bittersweet, and “Crazy” by Aerosmith.

4) Walk the Walk

Begin your show with a slow, seductive strut. After sitting him down, take your time turning around and striding away from him. Place one foot directly in front of the other, and drag your feet for a come-hither effect.

5) Give Yourself A Hand

Always pay attention to what you’re doing with her hands: Glide your fingertips up and down the sides of your body, stroke your neck and collarbone (it’s smart to focus on the sexiest parts of your body), tug a little at the hem of your shirt or nightie. Move your hands smoothly and lightly, and remember that using your fingertips looks way more seductive than “wiping” yourself with your whole palm.

6) Whip Your Hair

If you have long locks, play with them and flip them around whenever you have the chance. Guys go berserk for this, because flowing hair is such a feminine attribute. They’ll imagine it brushing against their skin, and running their fingers through it.

7) Mesmer-Eyes Him

Every so often during your striptease, catch his gaze for a few seconds. Eye contact conveys confidence, and that’s what will sell the tease.

8) Amp the Anticipation

Play up the article of clothing that you’re about to take off, so that he senses what’s coming before it happens. Like, if you’re going to remove your slip, slide it up and down your body first. Then once you’ve removed it, caress the body part you’ve just revealed, drawing attention to the fact that it’s now nude.

9) Turn Your Shirt into Handcuffs

Top trick for any sexy striptease is the self-handcuff with a piece of clothing. Face your guy, bend over at the waist, and graze your hands down the front of your legs. While you’re in this forward fold, start to take off your top—but instead of removing it all the way, leave it rolled at your wrists. (Note: this only works with a sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt.) Twist your right hand once, creating loose “handcuffs” around your wrists. Rise back up and lift your arms over your head. After a moment, either fling it at him or just toss it to the ground, like you’re done with it.

10) Arch Your Back

It accentuates your fine female curves. Simple, but so, so powerful.

Adding A Striptease Can Spice Up That Romance!

11) Roll Your Booty

Men freaking love this: Stand with your feet slightly farther apart than shoulder-width, knees bent. Throw your shoulders back, put your hands on your knees, and lean your weight into your hands. Circle your butt around 360 degrees or in a figure-eight shape. You can also do the booty roll on all fours—just remember to separate your knees.

12) Move Between Levels

Throughout the tease, transition between standing, getting down on your hands and knees, and then sliding onto your stomach. It’s more interesting for him to watch if you switch things up, plus it lets him view your hot bod from all angles.

A striptease should be sensual and seductive. An intimate connection between two adults, or three or four

13) Get-a-Leg Up

Once you’re on your stomach, flip onto your back, extend your arms straight out on the ground over your head (this will anchor you down), and lift your legs up in the air. Think about creating beautiful lines with your stems: point your feet, cross them at the ankle, flutter your legs, open into a straddle-style split facing him…and if you’re feeling bold, look at him while you slowly caress your V-zone. To get up, roll over onto all fours, sit back on your feet (they should be flat on the floor, knees together), and then stand one leg at a time.

14) Unleash Your Girls

Turn your back to him, slip off one bra strap, then the other. After a second or two, unclasp it, and pivot to face him, holding your bra against your boobs with your hands. Turn back around and let your bra fall to the floor, so you’re drawing out the moment of reveal as much as possible.

How To Striptease Bare Assets

15) Hit the Wall, Safely Please

Put your back against the wall, and lift your arms above your head. Slink your body up and down a few times, then push yourself away from the wall and walk slowly towards him.

16) Corrupt a Chair

Sit sideways on an armless chair, so that the back of it is against the left side of your body. Lower your torso down to rest on the seat, as you hold onto the back of the chair with your left hand for support. Lift your legs in the air, and do some pretty kicks. Some simpler, sexy things to do with a chair: Put one leg up on the seat, raise your heel as though you were wearing stilettos, and caress your leg. Pop your butt out every time you sit down and get up. Sit on the seat of the chair and flip that hair!

17) Ditch Your Undies

Stand with your feet parallel, hook your thumbs into the waistband of your panties, bend your knees, and slither your underwear down your legs like a snake. Let them drop to your ankles. Step out of one side, and then with your other leg, kick them in his direction.

18) Slow it Down

Never rush a striptease. Think of the process like creating pictures: He’s going to want to remember these images of you getting naked for him, so he can visualize them later on. The slower you go, the easier it will be for him to take a mental snapshot of one of the hottest moments of his life.

19) Touch Him Strategically During The Striptease

It can be torturously sexy to not let him lay a hand on you the whole time. Or touch him at key moments to build up the tease. Occasionally, during your striptease brush his arms, mess up his hair, sit on his lap for a second, or have him help you undress (for example, plant your foot on the chair in between his legs so he can unroll your thigh-high stocking). Get more affectionate as the tease progresses—by the end he literally won’t be able to resist you.

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Are you ready for the best time of your life? Let Bare Assets take care of everything for you! Let’s make memories people!

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