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Denver Strippers for hire. To your house, hotel or party bus or Airbnb.My name is Celio and I will be your sexy denver stripper for the evening! Before we lose ourselves for thenext hour or two! I wanted you get to know me more!Every girl wants a bad boy, but with a sensual side. I man who can fight but also have an intellectual conversation. When you see me, your first thought is dangerous.Maybe it looks like I did time in prison. My tattoos lead you to this mysterious place,but then as I begin to talk, the tattoos seem only like decoration. I thrive on the“Wow Factor” of life. Having people think one thing about you, but completely giving them something different. Not only have I not been to prison; I am a college graduate. I am an artist. I am also an Entrepreneur and own my own home. As your fingers trace the lines on my skin, you see a story that doesn’t match up to the book. Smiling at you I tell you I love dogs. I love fitness and being healthy, I don’t smoke cigarettes or have any kids. I can also tattoo. 🙂 Again, I want to wow you.

That is my entire plan for the entire evening.

Let us Begin.

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Sincerely yours,

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