Create your ideal Bad-Ass Las Vegas Style Bachelor Party

Create your Ideal Bad-Ass Las Vegas style Baller Bachelor Party:

With the aid of Bare Assets Most Connected our knowledgeable party planners will help make plans with local expert advice on where to go and what to do to make your Bachelor party trip to Denver an EPIC boys trip.
-Party bus to Blackhawk and the top strip clubs tours in Denver, We’ll help you plan it all. *Rent-a-Stripper hotline 720.876.1000
Create your very own Las Vegas hot spot! Our services include Party Strippers, Party Buses, Mobile IV and Stripclub bottle service tours. Our fun and sexy bombshells will appear on the doorstep of your Air bnb, or hotel suite, they can even slide onto the party bus with some wild party tricks and fantasy shows.
We have many packages to suit your party’s unique needs with customization from the Most Connected in Denver. Colorado Gambling is just short 30 minutes up the foot hills when you hop on a party bus for a fun it’s a short ride up to Blackhawk with lap dances from 2 fun and sexy dancers. Then head down for a Stripclub Tour ending at the World Famous Shotgun Willies Gentleman’s club with the best selection of high end cigars and whiskey. We’ll have a bottle of your choice with a private stage VIP section waiting for you. And to top it off get the groom on stage with 3 sexy gun girls and go away with a Wildly popular Willies t-shirt and lipstick prints to explain away to the soon-to-be ball and chain. Don’t forget, for a Bare Assets bonus we put the groom’s name on the marque. Congrats Franky “The Groom is Doomed”.
If your plans are to ‘stay in’ to party, “We Bring The Stripclub to You” with music, disco lights and wild party tricks. Our Sexy Strippers will be knocking on your door in a flash. Our Airbnb parties are legendary, with don’t do this at home party tricks. He’ll be ridden like a horse, get his underwear will get ripped off with the band around his neck, whipped cream in his hair and the girls’ signatures in permanent ink all over his ass. BareAssets.com the most trusted name in Stripping with over 15,000 satisfied customers “We Got You Covered”

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